Extension Responds To Rain, Hail and Soil Erosion Damage To Crops

Paul Kassel, crops field specialist

Severe weather in late May and early June of 2004 caused crop damage in parts of Clay, Emmet, and Kossuth county. The damage to the corn and soybean crops included hail damage, flooding damage and soil erosion damage. Some fields appeared only slightly damaged and other fields required replanting.

The County Extension Education Directors (CEED) and I surveyed the damage. Farmers and agri-business personnel offered input for meetings and educational materials. A replant handout was prepared that discussed yield potential, effect of planting date on crop yields, hybrid/variety selection, and herbicide concerns.

The meetings were held as follows.

Date    County  Town     attendance
May  26 Clay    Spencer   45
June 15 Emmet   Ringsted  31
June 17 Kossuth Swea City 28

The impact of the of replant options was about $225.00 per acre on corn acres and about $200.00 per acre on soybean acres where replanting was needed. Crop acres that did not need replanting had an impact of about $45.00 per acre. There were other impacts from the meetings also. These impacts included an increased understanding of corn herbicide replant options, and a better understanding of corn and soybean plant development.

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