Farm Visits Have Impact For Area Farmers

Paul Kassel, crops field specialist

Farmers request unbiased information on pests, pesticide use, crop management and soil fertility management. These requests often require a visit to the farm or field to assess the question/problem.

I make about 100 visits per season to assess individual problems. Some of these visits serve to confirm what the farmer has observed or has been told from some other professional. Other visits serve to explain a problem with little economic impact. However, some visits can have a large impact because they involve insect control recommendations, herbicide drift/sprayer contamination damage, or soil fertility recommendations.

I sent one on one evaluations to 35 farmers where there was significant effort, a need for documentation and/or potential economic impact from my farm visit. Twenty eight evaluations were returned. The results of those 28 surveys that were returned are as follows.

- Acres operated by the farmers where I made visits - 32,831 acres.
- Acres where my information had direct impact on the operator - 2,678 acres.
- Average impact from those farmers where my visit had direct impact - $30.32/acre.
- Total impact from the reported visits - $81,196.00.
Much of the impact came from soybean aphid and bean leaf beetle recommendations, herbicide application mistakes and/or sprayer contamination. One person indicated that, thanks to Paul I treated all soybean (acres) for aphids. That person showed an economic impact of about $100 per acre on his soybean acres.
One individual indicated a high level of satisfaction with Extension reporting that I use extension info a lot and appreciate the fact they are always there and helpful. Another person replied that, we are pleased to have some who is knowledgeable on (soybean) diseases and can identify the problem correctly.

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