Worth County Extension Corn and Soybean Clinic

Dennis Johnson, Worth County extension education director


Farmers and Agribusinessmen in Iowa are always in needing of receiving unbiased research based information from Iowa State University Extension. There are several avenues of how that knowledge base of material can be accessed. The local media does an excellent job of getting the word out about ISU Extension's latest research findings along with newsletters and the World Wide Web. A tried and true traditional way of delivering Agriculture information to Coop Elevator employees and farm producers has also been face to face meetings with Iowa State University research staff members. This is an excellent way for clients to gain the educational benefit and also be able to interact/ask questions with leading researchers and ISU staff members.

In recent years County Extension offices have faced great challenges in being to recruit large enough audiences to justify having State Extension staff as keynote speakers at corn and soybean production meetings. The promotion and encouragement by County Extension Education Director needs to be superior in securing a large following of Agri-business and Agricultural production clients. Additional sponsors, and extensive promotional work needs to take place to have success with this type of program.


The Worth County Extension Service in cooperation with several organizations including the Cerro Gordo County Extension Service organized a one day Corn and Soybean Clinic on December 5th 2003. This program was conducted in cooperation with the 2003 Iowa State University Extension 100th year of Extension "Corn Train" educational program that traveled across the State of Iowa making many stops educating growers and agri-businessmen. Farm Credit Services provided major sponsorship including mailing fees, paid media coverage to promote the event and all meal costs.

The Crop Clinic featured Iowa State University Extension Climatologist Dr. Elwynn Taylor, Dr. Steve Johnson, ISU Extension Farm Management Specialist, Dr. X.B. Yang, State Extension Plant Pathologist and Area Extension Crop Specialist, George Cummins. The topics covered included Soybean Aphid control, pesticide safety, identifying and controlling soybean diseases, corn and soybean marketing, weather and crops, and making the best decisions when purchasing crop insurance.

The total attendance at the Worth County Corn and Soybean Clinic/Pesticide meeting was 265. The ISU Extension Specialists provided a number of visual examples and explanations in a Power-point format as well as offering live samples of plant material for those in attendance to learn and study from. A special feature presented by Dr. Steve Johnson was a financial management segment discussing financial management strategies to remain profitable in corn and soybean production.

The Impact on the Clientele

A survey was conducted at the conclusion of the Worth County Corn and Soybean Clinic. Of the 265 in attendance that filled out the survey the following results were tallied:

97% felt the crop programs overall rating was either good or outstanding
98% indicated that they felt the information presented by Dr. Elwynn Taylor was either good (35%) or outstanding (63%)
87% thought the information delivered by Dr. Steve Johnson was good (65%) or outstanding (22%)
52% responded that they were happy with the crop insurance presentation with (48%) indicating it was alright
There were also several favorable comments that were shared at the end of the written survey as follows:

Worth County Corn and Soybean Clinic Comments:
Glad I came
Like to hear Dr. Taylor every spring
Try to sell earlier in season
Very Informative day well spent
Great you got everything in one day
Meal was excellent
Learned that more global image is needed on my part
2004 looks good for weather
Learned about 2004 planting season for weather predictions
Try to market crop by watching weather
Fog in January means moisture ahead
You can use weather information to manage risk
Spread risk by planting hybrids that have drought resistance
Found some Web sites I'll look up in the future
U.S. rainfall patterns and South America Ocean patterns
Learned about how available moisture in the ground is measured
Risk Management
Parallel Universe (corresponding weather patterns)
DNA- Renting our farm
Farm Bill Analysis
Watch for Spring Rally
Get to FSA Office Quickly
Why is National average price used in Counter Cyclical payment formula
National Price is raised where basis is very low
Discount the drought. Wet Arkansas means good Iowa crops
Good to have a refresher every year
Dinner was great!!
These chairs get awfully hard after one hour of sitting on them
Go to MPC on beans instead of Ra on all
Very Good Speakers!! several topics that were current and important. Well organized
Excellent meal
Nice job Dennis!
Well balanced program
Too long
Very Good
Very well attended, great meal and information
I'll be back next year. Excellent meal
Fed Crop Insurance is very complicated
Good Meal
General Insurance ideas
FCS represents some companies as other insurance businesses

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