Electronic Crop Updates   

Jim Fawcett, Field Specialist - Crops, Johnson County

Problems - County Extension Education Directors, ag professionals, and crop producers need timely, accurate information during the growing season to make decisions as problems are encountered and weather conditions change. News releases regarding crop information often appear too late to be most useful.

Response - A Crop Update is sent via e-mail to the county extension education directors, crop producers, and ag professionals regarding timely subjects during the growing season. The updates are also posted on the web by Virgil Schmitt on an EC & SE Iowa Crops page at http://www.exnet.iastate.edu/Pages/eccrops/

Impact - With the widespread outbreak of soybean aphids in 2003, the electronic crop updates were extensively used as a way to get information out to dealers and farmers. Responses from those on the mailing list indicated that the updates were useful. They have also been used by the media. Stakeholders, including those active in the corn and soybean associations are included on the update mailing list to help keep them informed of ISU extension activities. The updates have also been a useful tool to inform people about upcoming ISU extension programs.     

January 23, 2004
POW 142: Integrated Pest Management / Integrated Crops Management

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