Agricultural Chemical Dealer Update

Jim Fawcett, crops field specialist

Each year brings new pest problems, as well as advances in crop production and protection technology. Because of these frequent changes, agricultural professionals must be continually kept up-to-date of developments. In particular, certified crop advisors and commercial pesticide applicators need to stay informed in order to maintain their certification.

An Agricultural Chemical Dealer Update conference was held in Iowa City in November 2003. State and area extension staff members served as speakers. Topics included season review and soybean diseases, as well as insect, soybean, and weed management. Certified crop advisors could obtain credits by attending the conference, and it allowed commercial pesticide applicators to maintain their certification.

Over 160 agricultural chemical dealers, fertilizer dealers, crop consultants, farmers, agronomists, and persons involved with seed sales and production attended the conference. In a post-conference evaluation, when asked how they would rate the program, 98% (N=102) responded “good” or “excellent.” Additional comments included “good job,” “very good meeting and good speakers,” and “Palle’s enthusiasm is wonderful.” When asked to estimate the impact of the information received at the conference on 2004 profits, the average response of 73 attendees was that profits would increase over $1,750 per person, for a total impact of about $129,000.

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