"Grapes 101" Presentation at 2004 ICM Conference 

Michael White, crops/viticulture field specialist, Central Iowa      


Iowa was rated 6th in U.S. Grape Production in 1911.  Arguably, the use of the highly volatile 2,4-D (phenoxy type) herbicide on corn had the largest impact in eliminating this industry from Iowa. The Iowa wine grape industry is now coming back. There are currently 34 licensed wineries and 236 commercial wine grape vineyards covering over 500+ acres in Iowa. It is essential that commercial and private pesticide applicators in Iowa realize the impact of volatile phenoxy herbicide drift on vineyards in Iowa.


Mike White, ISU Extension field crops/viticulture specialist was granted the opportunity to present a "Grapes 101" educational session at the 2005 Integrated Crop Management (ICM) conference on December 2, 2004.  A nine page "Grapes 101" paper was included in the ICM conference proceedings.  The use, impact and management of volatile phenoxy type herbicides was a key part of this paper and presentation.      


Over 845 people attended the ICM conference and received a copy of the proceedings.  Approximately 90 people attended Mike White's "Grapes 101" presentation.  The presentation was well received.  Basic information on the use, impact and management of volatile phenoxy herbicides was made available to a key group of agricultural professionals in Iowa.  This was a major step in communicating the precautions needed when spraying volatile phenoxy type herbicides in the vicinity of vineyards in Iowa.


Feb. 7, 2005 
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