Farm Visits Have Economic Impact for Area Corn Farmers

Paul Kassell, Crop Field Specialist, Northwest


Farmers request information on corn management and corn pest management during the growing season. These requests often require a farm visit to assess the problem and give recommendations. Farm visits require a fair amount of time and energy by the FS/crops. However, these farm visits often show some very good economic impact.


I made 65 farm visits to assess corn problems in the field. Some of these visits help to confirm something the farmers have observed. Other visits have a large economic impact because they involve replant decisions, spray drift damage, herbicide contamination damage or soil fertility recommendations.


I sent one-on-one evaluations to 18 corn farmers where there was significant effort, a need for documentation, and/or significant economic impact from my visit. Twelve were returned. The twelve surveys that were returned represented 538.0 acres. The farmers that returned the surveys operated a total of 8470 acres. The impact from the farm visits on the 538.0 acres was $14,689.00. The impact was from a variety of things including replanting decisions from hail damage, insurance company settlements from spray contamination, and increased crop yield because of accurate fertilizer recommendations. Some of the comments that were included with the surveys are as follows. One survey respondent (where significant effort was needed to document roundup herbicide contamination to non-roundup ready corn) mentioned that, "you as a third party, becoming involved, was very, very important". Other comments were, "you are a doing a good job - educational meetings are very helpful".

March 23, 2005
142 - Integrated Pest and Crop Management, 1st (Oct - Dec)

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