Ag Chemical Dealer Update, Iowa City

Jim Fawcett, Crop Specialist, Southeast Iowa


With new pest problems each year and advances in crop production and protection technology, ag professionals need to continually be kept up-to-date. The discovery of Asian soybean rust in the U.S. has increased the need to educate producers and ag professionals who serve the producers with the latest information for managing this disease. There is also an educational need to be met every year to help certified crop advisors and commercial pesticide applicators maintain their certification.


An Ag Chemical Dealer Update conference was held in November, 2004, in Iowa City, with state and area extension staff as speakers. Topics included; Season Review, Asian Soybean Rust, Insect Management, Zone Sampling & Soil Fertility, and Weed Management. Certified crop advisors could obtain credits by attending and commercial pesticide applicators could maintain their certification.


About 120 attended the conference, including ag chemical and fertilizer dealers, persons involved in seed sales and production, farmers, ag chemical sales representatives, crop consultants, and agronomists. In an end-of meeting evaluation, when asked how many acres they or their customers farmed, the total acreage indicated was over 1 million acres (N=35). When asked, "As you think about using the information you learned at the Ag Chemical Dealer Update, how much do you estimate your customers (or your) profits may improve per acre," the average response was about $8/A. When the acres farmed are multiplied by the estimated improvement in profits per acre for each respondent, the total potential impact of the education received was over $10 million.

March 8, 2005
142 - Integrated Pest and Crop Management, 1st (Oct - Dec)

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