Field Crop Storm Damage Assessment

January - March 2003

Todd Vagts , crops field specialist

A major wind and rain storm traveled through south and eastern Ida, north and eastern Crawford, southwestern Sac and most of Carroll counties on Wednesday morning, July 10, 2002 flattening much of the area corn crop. Wind gusts ranged from 50 to 90 mph in the affected areas. Most damage to the corn was experienced as extensive root lodging just prior to tassel. One to two inches of rain accompanied the storm. The area was approaching extreme drought conditions before the storm arrived; so much of the corn was already suffering from drought stress.

A visual inspection of the affected area was made hours after the storm passed through the four-county area. Several radio interviews were conducted to get information out to area farmers on immediate actions they needed to take to asses the potential damage to their corn crop. A storm damage assessment Web page was developed and two information bulletins were written. The first bulletin addressed topics dealing with how the crop may respond to being lodged and potential problems the crop may encounter as it recovered. The second follow-up bulletin addressed special preparations and considerations needed by area farmers to harvest the lodged corn crop.

The immediate response by extension staff helped to calm fears of a total crop loss and provided useful information to area farmers, service providers and crop consultants. During the month of July the storm damage assessment Web page was viewed 646 times by 474 unique individuals with an average view time of four and a half minutes. From July through November, the Storm Assessment web page was viewed 808 times for a total viewing time of 3,417 minutes. The follow up bulletin on reducing harvest losses was viewed 292 times from August through November for a total view time of 1,369 minutes. During the five-month period the two Web documents addressing the storm damage were always in the top 16 viewed pages out of a total 370 viewable Web pages on the associated URL. The storm damage assessment Web page can be found at the following URL: .


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