Bean Leaf Beetle Damage

October - December 2002

Mike White , crops field specialist


A miscommunication with the local aerial applicator caused a soybean field scheduled to be sprayed for bean leaf beetles, not to be sprayed. Two weeks later, the field needed to be re-assessed to determine if an aerial insecticide would still be effective and economic.


On Aug.19, 2002, Bob Hunget, Warren county farmer, asked that Mike White, crops field specialist, look at the 70 acre soybean field in question and and make a determination if an aerial applied insecticide was still warranted. Upon scouting the field, Mike found the mid-group three maturity soybeans just beginning to reach the R7 (beginning maturity) stage of development. The bean leaf beetle population had declined and most of the economic damage was already done. Mike suggested that the field not be sprayed.


The no spray recommendation saved $980 (70 acres x $14) it would have cost to treat the field.


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