Contaminated Spray Tank

October - December 2002

Mike White , crops field specialist


Larry Phillips, Madison county farmer, was accused of drifting dicamba herbicide onto a neighbor's 37 acre soybean field. Larry had applied a dicamba herbicide to his corn field, but did not feel that he was responsible for his neighbors puckered soybean leaves.


Mike White, crops field specialist, was asked to look into this situation. After looking at the field in question, White determined that Larry was not responsible for his neighbor's puckered soybeans. White determined that the dicamba injury resulted from the neighbors contaminated spray tank when he sprayed his own soybean field. The neighbor had sprayed dicamba on a earlier corn field and had not rinsed the tank well enough prior to spraying the soybean field.


White's opinion resulted in Larry not being liable for any yield loss that resulted from the dicamba application to the 37 acre soybean field. The farmer who accidently sprayed the soybeans with a contaminated tank has now learned to thoroughly rinse his spray equipment to protect against future problems.


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