Soybean Crop Management

January-March 2002

Virgil Schmitt , crop specialist

A producer and dealer were concerned about the stand in a 40 acre soybean field. If replanting would be necessary, the producer wanted to "get on it" before substantial yield losses would be incurred. Iowa State University (ISU) Extension was contacted for that opinion.

The ISU Extension crops specialist examined the field in several locations and found over 100,000 plants per acre in each location. While the plants were struggling due to being planted when the field was a little too wet, they appeared to be basically healthy. ISU research suggests that very little yield loss occurs until stands are below 75,000 plants per acre. Thus, it was recommended to leave the field alone.

Forty acres of soybeans were not destroyed and replanted. The costs avoided per acre were:

Cost of destroying the existing stand. The existing stand was to be destroyed with a tandem disk. According to Fm-1698, the average cost is $7.75 per acre.

Cost of seed. According to Fm-1712, the cost of seed is approximately $25.20 per acre.

Cost of planting. According to Fm-1698, the average cost of planting with the drill is $12.80 per acre.

The total cost of replanting an acre would have been approximately $45.75 per acre. Applying that figure to 40 acres, the total savings that resulted from this consultation was approximately $1,830.Jim Fawcett, crop specialist.


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