Damaged Soybean Field Not Re-Planted

July-September 2002

Virgil Schmitt , crops field specialist


A dealer contacted ISU Extension regarding a field of soybeans that had been physically damaged. The dealer and producer sought an opinion regarding whether or not re-planting was warranted.


The Extension Crops Specialist examined the field and determined that the plants had been damaged by both hail and bean leaf beetles. The remaining population was approximately 110,000 plants per acre and the bean leaf beetle numbers were below the threshold for treatment. It was recommended to leave the stand alone and monitor the bean leaf beetle population.


120 acres of soybeans were not re-planted. 

1. Cost of Destroying the Existing Stand. According to Fm-1698, the cost of destroying the existing stand by disking would have been approximately $7.90 per acre.

2. Cost of Seed. According to Fm-1712, the cost of the seed would have been approximately $29.40 per acre.

3. Cost of Planting. According Fm-1698, the cost drilling the soybeans would have ben approximately $10.90 per acre.

The total cost of re-planting an acre would have been approximately $48.20.Applying that figure to 120 acres, the total savings that resulted from this consultation were approximately $5,800.


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