Crops Specialist Saves Farmer $10,000

July-September 2002

Virgil Schmitt , crop field specialist


A dealer contacted Iowa State Univeristy Extension regarding two fields of corn following soybeans where there were high populations of white grubs. It was the second week of May, so any replanting with an insecticide needed to occur as quickly as possible to maximize yields.


The Extension Crops Specialist examined the fields in several locations and found only annual white grubs, which do not cause an economic loss. In addition, there was no evidence of the crop being injured by the insects. Thus, it was recommended to leave the fields alone but to watch them in case there were some true white grubs also in the field.


160 acres of corn were not destroyed and replanted. The costs that were avoided, per acre, were:

1. Cost of destroying the existing stand by spraying. The cost of the product would have been $6.12 per acre and the cost of the application, according to Fm-1698, would have been $4.70 per acre, for a total cost of destroying the stand of $10.82 per acre.

2. Cost of seed. According to Fm-1712, the cost of seed would have been approximately $30.00 per acre.

3. Cost of Insecticide. According to Fm-1712, the cost of the insecticide would have been approximately $14.00 per acre.

4. Cost of planting. According to Fm-1698, the cost of planting would have been approximately $11.35 per acre.
The total cost of replanting an acre would have been approximately $66.17.

Applying that figure to 160 acres, the total savings that resulted from this consultation were approximately $10,600.


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