Youth Insect Program

July-September 2002

Linda Engelken Fischer, Benton County Extension Education Director (CEED)


Lower elementary teachers at two schools in Benton County and two local preschools requested assistance to teach students about insects.


The CEED developed a program using live insects along with her 100 plus insect collection to teach students about the importance of insects in our lives, insect life cycles, identification and ways they protect themselves. In 2001, a pretest and posttest was given to 110 West Elementary first grade students to measure learning.


Through this program, 670 students have been reached in the past four years. The pretest and posttest with 110 West Elementary students in Vinton showed that:
50 percent of the students missed more than 3 of 8 questions in the pretest; 44 percent of the students missed 1 or no questions on the posttest and 71 percent missed 2 or less questions on the posttest. The most often missed question dealt with insect stages and this year insect life stage models have been purchased to use as teaching tools. Several parents have commented to me later about how excited their children were about insects after participating in the program.


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