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Mary Holz-Clause, Program Manager - Value Added Agriculture Program and Co-Director - Agricultural Marketing Resource Center (AgMRC)


The Agriculture Marketing Resource Center (AgMRC) was established at Iowa State University in 2002 as a result of a competitive grant ISU wrote in conjunction with the University of California Davis and Kansas State University.  The AgMRC is a national virtual resource center for value-added agriculture groups,


AgMRCs purpose and mission is to provide independent producers and processors with critical information to build successful value-added agricultural enterprises.


      A series of interactive and downloadable spreadsheets have been added which allow producers to enter their own data, augmented with industry averages (if they dont have their data to input) to determine feasibility of small wineries, food processing plants, ethanol facilities and a small grain mill. 

      172 diverse commodity profiles are highlighted.

      Broad information on food, tourism, fiber and energy

      Quality management systems, training and manuals

      Names and locations of specific state resource personnel, laws and contracts

      A directory of consultants and value-added ag businesses

      A web-based contract organizer for producer groups and processors to coordinate production contracts.

      Producer profiles of more than 40 value added owned businesses in the U.S.

      Staff spoke at or displayed at more than 25 national conferences

      Partnering with more than 25 land grant institutions or cooperative development centers on projects and information sharing.


      More than 28 million hits in the past fiscal year.

      Each month averages more than 78,000 visitors and 65,000 downloaded files.

      Every day more than 2600 people visit the site.

      Staff answered an average of 55 in-depth email and phone call questions a month.

      Quotes from clients about the work of AgMRC.

I was very impressed and will be blogging on your work.  You are doing very important work for the diversity of ag in America.  Jack Schultz, Boomtown, USA

This (AgMRC) is amazing.  Donniella Winchell, Ohio


Just took a quick look at your new resources.  Wow!  I am very impressed.  I will be adding reference to these materials to our Resource Guide.  Linda Jones, Michigan

Thanks for all the good info.  I just used your site last week while working with Time Magazine on an agritourism story that is due out in their new issue.  Ellen Rilla, California

I would like to thank you for you guidelines on how to approach potential buyers.  Were new to this whole situation about presenting our samples to the many retailers.  But with your guidelines in place, it gives us the added punch that we may need.  Once again, thanks.  William Marshall

August 2006

121 - Adding Value and Enhancing Agricultural Products


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