HACCP Workshop for Meat Processors, Poultry Processors and Egg Processors October 13-15, 2005

Joseph Cordray and Dong Ahn, Faculty, Animal Science Department


Food safety is of utmost concern to meat processors, poultry processors and egg product processors.  To document the safe production of meat, poultry and egg products, processors must comply with the various elements of HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points).


Train and test meat, poultry and egg plant personnel in HACCP.


Sixty-two people successfully completed the October 2005 HACCP Workshop at the Iowa State University Meat Laboratory.  Topics covered during the workshop included: developing GMPs and SOPs, principles of HACCP, microbiological hazards, chemical hazards, physical hazards, validation, verification and reassessment.  As a result of completing this course attendees were classified as HACCP Trained individuals enabling them to develop and/or reassess HACCP Plans for their companies.


Sixty-two people involved in the processing of meat, poultry or egg products were classified as HACCP Trained individuals providing them increased knowledge in how to produce safe products and document the production of those products.

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