Eden Natural LLC and Niche Pork Marketing

Reg Clause, Project Manager, Value Added Ag Programs


In the ongoing struggle to grow, build market share and bring additional dollars to their producers, Ive worked with Eden Natural Farms in State Center on several fronts.  These include analysis, business structure, Quality Management Systems and research.


The objective is to help improve competitiveness by increasing market share and lower costs.  The goal is to bring more net dollars to the producers and offer opportunity for individual producers to grow.  Another goal was to create opportunity to new producers.


Competitive market analysis. 

Research grant proposal. 

Board of Directors consultations. 

QMS consultations. 

Strategic planning. 

Contacts for new product development.


The company has grown to 270 pigs per week and is slated for much more dramatic growth.  Markets are mainly on the east coast but in other areas as well.  Net returns [over spot market pricing of hogs] is consistently above $8 per cwt or about $23 per hog.  This is a substantial premium and can be expanded with new product development.  The LLC business structure I helped create is working smoothly.  Many elements of the QMS we established are in place.  Research grant proposal was submitted and is a worthy project which can be extended to other niche operations.  The board appreciates market insights and seems to utilize this information in good decision making.

August 2006

121 Adding Value and Enhancing Agricultural Products


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