Ag Marketing Resource Center has a New Look

Don Hofstrand, Value-Added Agriculture Field Specialist, Northeast Area


 In an effort to maintain the viability of farm numbers and rural areas, farmers have turned to value-added agriculture to maintain their viability. Value-added agriculture involves moving up the food supply chain to capture additional profits beyond the farm gate. However, these farm groups need help in developing viable value-added businesses that generate profits for farmer investors and jobs for local communities.


 ISU Extension, along with its partners, were awarded a USDA grant to provide information on value-added agriculture information. As a result, the Agricultural Marketing Resource Center (AgMRC) was formed. AgMRC is a national information center for value-added agriculture. The primary delivery method is a web site ( Clients of AgMRC are farmers and processors. Partners involved in the Center are ISU Extension, CARD, Kansas State University, and the Ag Issues Center at the University of California.


 During the last year, AgMRC has reorganized it layout, converted to the Content Management System used by ISU Extension, and updated the cosmetic look of the site. These changes make the site look more professional and provide easier access to the large amount of information provided at the site. The average number of daily visitors at the site exceeded 1,700 per day during April, 2005. The average number of hours spent at the site per day during April was 256 hours per day.

April 29, 2005
121 - Adding Value and Enhancing Agricultural Products

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