Iowa State University/ConAgra Foods Brown Belt Meat and Poultry Training Program

Joseph Cordray and Doug Ahn, Faculty, Animal Science

The quality, consistency and safety of processed food products are of concern to processors and consumers.
Train ConAgra Foods supervisors in meat and poultry science and food safety.
Participants in the ISU/ConAgra Foods 2004-2005 Brown Belt Meat and Poultry Training Program attended three short courses at Iowa State University Meat Laboratory; May 18-20, 2004, September 21-23, 2004 and February 7-10, 2005.  Topics covered in the short courses included: basic meat science, nonmeat ingredients, process control, statistical process control, thermal processing, liquid smoke application, casings and molds, microbiology, irradiation, sensory evaluation, deli meats, dry sausage, seasonings and flavor development, product specifications, packaging systems, computer formulation and how to effectively communicate.  As part of the short courses, participants conducted group projects that involved the manufacture of various processed meat products.  Participants prepared reports on their group projects and presented the information to all participants.  February 10, 2005 thirty-five ConAgra Foods employees successfully completed the training program and were designated ConAgra Foods Brown Belt Processing Specialists.
Each year ConAgra Foods Refrigerated Foods Group processes over 1 billion pounds of raw materials into millions of pounds of processed meat and food products much of which is ready-to-eat.  As a result of this training program the quality, consistency and safety of those products was maintained and improved.

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