Thirty-Four Potential New Wineries Receive Training

Michael L. White, Crops/Viticulture Field Specialist, Central Area
Problem Statement

The Iowa native winery industry is very young and growing rapidly.  The process of completing and submitting all the required state and federal paperwork to bond, get label approval and license a winery is very complicated.  It is not unusual for this process to take several months. After-meeting evaluations from past ISU Extension grape and wine meetings often echoed a common request to have a winery licensing workshop to help new wineries through this process.
Programmatic Response

Mike White and staff from Warren County ISU Extension partnered with the Iowa Alcoholic Beverage Division (Iowa ABD) and the federal Trade & Tax Bureau (TTB) to offer a full day workshop focusing on the state and federal requirements for licensing a winery in Iowa.  This workshop was held at the Iowa ABD administrative building in Ankeny on 10-7-05.  Eight established wineries and 34 potential new wineries were represented in the 60 people who attended.

The typical cost of establishing a small 5,000 gallon winery will normally run in the $250,000 range for building, land and equipment. This winery license meeting provided a method of introducing 34 potentially new wineries to staff at the Iowa ABD and to regional inspectors of the TBA. Staff and owners from eight established wineries were able to learn more about reporting requirements and meet some of the state and federal staff they will to report to. The dialogue, awareness and information shared at this full day meeting provided a sound pathway for these 34 wineries to go forward with their licensing.  Once licensed, these 34 wineries will represent an approximate $8.5 million business infrastructure investment in Iowa.  A summary of the after-meeting evaluations rated the presentations from good to excellent with many requests for similar meetings to be held in the future.

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