Herbicide Section 18 Emergency Exemption Labeling use Request for Azuki (alternative crop) Production in Iowa

John Kennicker, Crops Field Specialist, Southwest and Bob Hartzler, Faculty, Agronomy

Problem Statement:
For azuki (alternative crop, dry edible bean) production in Iowa, options for postemergence control of broadleaf leaves are extremely limited.  In addition to the limited herbicide options, many of the dry edible beans have shown injury from herbicide applications, thus reduced rates are recommended for application.  Additional herbicide options would assist in weed management for growers of these alternative crops. Many of the azuki fields in Iowa suffered yield loss from large flushes of weeds, including mechanically cultivated fields.  Many of the large weed flushes resulted from the limited or lack of postemergence herbicides to control those weeds in dry edible beans.
Programmatic Response:
In response to the annual request of producers for weed control assistance in azuki fields, ISU Specialists, Iowa department of Agriculture and land stewardship (Pesticide Bureau, Chief) and Industry compile the data, complete the required forms, and file the request for a herbicide (fomesafen) Section 18 Emergency Exemption labeling for use on Azuki in Iowa to the EPA.
Based on the efforts of those involved each year (2003-2005), the EPA has accepted the herbicide exemption labeling and use on azuki production in Iowa. Due to the better weed control, the azuki yields have increased, improving income per acre of approximately $50 -90.00/crop year. In 2003, 2004 and 2005, the azuki production acreage was approximately 370A, 500A, and 1000A (1870A combined). With the exemption labeling use of the herbicide and the approximate increase $50-$90 income/A/crop year, the three year accumulative dollar income could be estimated from $93,500 to $168,300.  We must keep in mind that the effort and its results take networking and support, thus there is a large group effort (team work) in the weed management of Iowa azuki production and the economic returns.

March 29, 2006
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