Local Farmers Form Company to Market Their Produce

James Jensen, FS/Farm & Ag. Business Management


Farmers are price takers and often work on small margins when growing commodity crops.


Farmers need to grow non-commodity crops and develop markets that can use those specialty crops. I worked with a group of forward thinking farmers who have formed an LLC and are growing and marketing specialty soybeans. I continue to work with the growers on production and harvesting practices and with management on market development.


The farmer organization (Asoyia) is presently growing 21,000 acres of specialty soybeans in east central and southeast Iowa that will be crushed and processed by Cargil in Cedar Rapids. Asoyia will then market the specialty soybeans. They presently employ 4 FTE people and also hire some part-time help. They have raised over 1/2 million dollars in capital from their members and are aggressively marketing the product. They have an office in Winfield, Iowa.


September 17, 2005
121 -- Adding Value and Enhancing Agricultural Products

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