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Don Hofstrand, co-director and value-added agriculture field specialist

The Agricultural Marketing Resource Center (AgMRC) is "A National Information Resource for Value-added Agriculture."  AgMRC is a collaborative effort of Iowa State University Extension, the Center for Agriculture and Rural Development, the Agricultural Economics department at Kansas State University, and the Ag Issues Center at the University of California.  The clients of AgMRC are farmers.


AgMRC was funded with a $5 million matching grant from USDA Rural Development.  Match for the ISU Extension portion of the grant comes from agricultural field and campus specialists.  The scope of the grant was three years with a one year extension.  We are currently entering the one year extension period.  Additional funding is coming from the Farm Bill.  During the coming year, we will be shifting from the original grant funding to Farm Bill money.  The amount of funding from the Farm Bill is annual but quite variable.  Currently, $4 million of Farm Bill money is sequestered at ISU for AgMRC.



Many changes were initiated during the last year:


  August            2002            2003            2004

Avg. number of hits per day       2,967            5,882            15,277

Avg. number of visitors per day      196            602            1,528

Avg. time spent at the site (minutes)     11:46            7:52            9:29

Total time spent at the site (hours per day)     28.4            48.7            241.9

The usage of the site has increased substantially during AgMRC’s short lifetime.  The number of users visiting the site is currently over 1,500 per day.  The total time spent at the site each day is 240 hours.  With the addition of the activities listed above, the usage of the Center’s Web delivery is expected to continue to increase.

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