ISU Extension Works with Organic Crop Improvement Association (OCIA) on Organic Forage Production

Brian Lang, northeast crops field specialist


The Organic Food Production Act (OFPA) requires that anyone selling products as "organic" must follow a set of prescribed practices that include avoidance of synthetic chemicals in crop and livestock production.  It can be confusing for organic producers to meet these regulations, and at the same time attempt to maximize profitability in their operations.


Organic certifying organizations, such as OCIA, are contracted by their farmer clients to over-see that these requirements are met.  These organizations also play a role in educating their clients on these regulations while maximizing profitability.  One branch of the OCIA in northeast Iowa helped achieve this by requesting ISU Extension Crops Specialist, Brian Lang, and Livestock Specialist, Larry Tranel, to present forage production and management information to their organic growers at their August 2004 meeting.


At the OCIA meeting, ISU Extension Crops and Livestock Specialists provided organic production and management information to the clients including information on soil fertility, harvest management, grazing, and forage species mixtures.  The OCIA meeting coordinator, Norm West, praised ISU Extension for this effort and greatly encouraged the OCIA clients to use ISU Extension resources in the future.  Norm said “ISU Extension is an incredible resource.  Their people are extremely knowledgeable and respond quickly to your needs.  You would be foolish not to make use of it (ISU Extension).”

Oct. 4, 2004
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