Organic Conference

July-September 2002

Margaret Smith, sustainable and value-added agricultural specialist

Iowa farmers have an excellent opportunity to enter the organic food and feed market, but have little access to information that will help them make the transition from conventional to organic production. In addition, organic feeds, meats, fruits and vegetables often require different and more complex marketing efforts than that for commodities.


An organic conference targeted to producers, processors and suppliers statewide was organized in November of 2001. The conference was a collaborative effort of Iowa State University (ISU) Extension, ISU College of Agriculture, USDA Cooperative Development Center , the Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture and the Des Moines Area Community College .


Two hundred-fifteen participants received information about the industry trends, production methods for livestock, agronomic, and horticultural crops; marketing methods for meats, dairy products, grains, fruits and vegetables; and from chefs and retailers about their needs. Participants offered predominantly positive comments and were appreciative of the training provided. Comments included:

Ideas for continued programming proposed by participants included:


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