The Agriculture Explosion: Facts and Figures Brochure

October - December 2002

Bruce Bearinger , Buchanan county extension education director


As a member of and extension representative to the Buchanan County Value-Added Agriculture Committee, Bruce Bearinger has been involved with planning meetings and discussion activities and is part of the education committee. One of the problems that the education committe is facing is educating the general public about agriculture.


After discussion, it was decided that a quick and easy facts and figures brochure would be the most valuable for our first step in a general public educational campaign. Using the Agriculture Data for Decision Makers and other sources from the ISU Agriculture Economics Department, a half page tri-fold brochure entitled Buchanan County Facts and Figures, the Agriculture Explosion was developed. The brochure utilized a graphic that illustrated agriculture's low cost and high return compared to other segments of the local economy. I used highly visible information like, "swine generates over $80 million in revenue." The brochure was designed to have a memorable impact even if read and disposed of.


Brochures were made available for various county celebrations such as 4th of July, Jesup's Farmer Days and the county fair extension booth. To date, over 1,000 brochures have been viewed. We have had requests for additional copies at nearly all schools, banks, and libraries, as well as the county court house FSA and NRSCS. Our first step in mass agricultural education in Buchanan County has been completed succesfully.


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