Upper Midwest Grazing Conference

Larry Tranel, Dairy Field Specialist, Northeast Area


Dairy and Beef operations practicing rotational grazing do not have a very high research base to draw upon to make management decision. Therefore, critical information comes by way of networking through conferences, pasture walks and touring other producer's operations. New advances of financial information, especially on model farms by this field specialist has been highly sought after information.


This field specialist leads this multi-state effort (Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois and Minnesota) to develop and manage the Upper Midwest Grazing Conference to draw on producers and industry advisors, including Extension and NRCS, for an educational networking opportunity through a 3 day grazing conference. It has become a premiere way to bring the grazing community together on an annual basis to discuss research, demonstration and new ideas in the 4-State dairy region.


Over 100 producers, Extension and Agri-business advisors attended the Upper Midwest Grazing Conference. Producers reported the Upper Midwest Grazing Conference was very informative. The highlight of the conference was the information provided by our Model Farm Couple, Dan and Ruth Vosberg. Evaluation of their program showed a high degree of learning of their seasonal dairy system, coupled with management ideas of transferring that management style in the Upper Midwest. The other speakers, along with the two farm tours were all rated either good or excellent according to 100% of the attendees.

November 3, 2005
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