Western Iowa Dairy Alliance Completes Strategic Planning

Chris Mondak, Dairy field specialist, Northwest Iowa


As part of continuing a statewide effort to grow the Iowa dairy industry, representatives from several dairy and ag-supporting organizations formed the 2.8% Coalition in late 2004. This group intends to raise the Iowa dairy industry from producing 2.2 to 2.8% of national milk supply by the year 2010. At the time of the 2.8% Coalition formation, there existed an active and thriving western Iowa dairy community, but not an active, viable group to represent the western Iowa dairy community at the 2.8% Coalition meetings or other statewide meetings about the Iowa dairy industry.


Working together, Iowa State University (ISU) Extension field specialist and key dairy producers planned and coordinated a series of 3 strategic planning meetings in northwest Iowa with the intention of forming an active Western Iowa Dairy Alliance organization. Response from dairy producers, consultants, and agribusiness representatives was good. In the time period between the end of May 2005 and end of August 2005, three strategic planning sessions occurred, resulting in the formation of a vision and mission statement, completion of a SWOT analysis, identification and prioritization of issues, selection of items for action planning, and formation of a steering committee. The steering committee will continue the process of shaping the organization and directing resources to address priority issues.


An active, viable Western Iowa Dairy Alliance will serve the interests of the western Iowa dairy community, and represent the western region to the statewide producer organization (Iowa State Dairy Association), and to the statewide 2.8% Coalition.


August 31, 2005
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