Tri-State Agricultural Lender's Seminar

Larry Tranel, Dairy Field Specialist, Northeast Area

Problem Statement

Agricultural lenders face marketing, environmental and financial risk, especially to dairy operations but also to crop and other livestock production systems. Lenders need marketing and risk management updates annually for loan purposes. In addition, lenders need current information on value added and new systems approach to producing milk with their clients.
Programmatic Response

ISU Extension, through this field specialist, leads an annual seminar in the Tri-State area for agricultural lenders with more of a specific interest in dairy. Based upon last year's evaluations, the topics of managing marketing risk for milk products, corn, soybeans, beef, poultry and hogs all relate to dairy as inputs (feed) or outputs (cull cow beef with competition from hogs and poultry in the meat market). In addition, value added issues, especially organic are important marketplace opportunities at present. Model dairy farms as an alternative milk production method are seen as a means to inspire a new generation of dairy producers to help develop the dairy economy.

59 of the 85 in attendance filled out an evaluation and 100% of the evaluations rated the seminar as being of high value to them.  The level of knowledge increase was also rated very high with 10 being a large increase.  Below the levels are listed for each of the speakers:
1.  Dairy Marketing and Risk Management Update                        +6.9
          Dr. Robert Cropp, Dairy Marketing Specialist, UW Professor Emeritus
2. Organic Dairy and Agriculture Outlook                                        +7.6
          Mr. Greg Welsh , Organic Valley Coop, LaFarge, WI
3. Millionaire Model Dairy Farms and  Iowa Grazing Center          +7.7
(pretty fast)
          Mr. Larry Tranel, Dairy Field Specialist, Iowa State University Extension
4. Environmental Risk Management for Farms                               +7.9
          Mr. Dennis Frame, Director, Discovery Farms
5. Grain and Livestock Risk Management Outlook                          +7.6
Dr. Kevin Bernhardt, Farm Management Specialist, UW-Extension
In addition, when asked to list things learned which can be applied to their jobs they responded with the following:

November 3, 2005
109 -- Dairy

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