Holstein Beef Feeding Conference Fills Clientele Needs

Robert Tigner and Dale Thoreson, Dairy Field Specialists, Northeast Area

Problem Statement:
Holstein steer feeding is an important secondary enterprise for many dairy producers around the Upper Midwest. Also excess dairy bull calves end up in feedlots around the Midwest and US. The last conference to address the specific nutritional, facility, management and marketing needs of the Holstein steer was held in Pennsylvania February 1991. Many new management and marketing methods have developed since then. Frequent questions and contacts have been received by extension staff located in the Upper Midwest about the appropriate management strategies for these steers. A regional approach was undertaken to address these issues and provide professional development through a conference targeted at agricultural professionals.
Programmatic response:
A regional committee of the 4-State Dairy Team, Iowa Beef Center and North Dakota State University representatives was put together and held an initial conference call. After this call, several industry representatives were also added. A unique program with two areas of emphasis was developed; wet calves and feedlot steers. A proceeding was developed which has reached nearly 400 pages in length.

The conference, Managing Quality Holsteins Steers was held November 2 & 3 in Rochester, MN. Attendance exceeded 280 from over 14 states and Canada. A fourth printing of the proceedings has been done along with a CD version of the proceedings. Total proceedings sold is in excess of 500. An on-line version of the proceedings will soon be established. Requests for the proceeding have come from as far away as South Africa. Attendees are ordering multiple copies.
A major objective of the Holstein steer conference was to train the trainer. This objective was successfully met as industry professionals and extension personnel accounted for approximately 75% of the attendees.
The second major objective of the conference was to provide extension personnel with updated educational materials. This objective was accomplished with the hard copy and CD version of the proceeding.

March 27, 2006
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