Joint Effort Creates New Dairy Display "Just in Time"

Chris Mondak, Dairy Field Specialist, Northwest Iowa


The end of summer brings many opportunities for Iowans to attend fairs and agriculture shows. During a mid-summer meeting focusing on efforts to grow the Iowa dairy industry, Iowa State University (ISU) communications specialists and dairy field specialists recognized a need for an updated display that would tell Iowans about modern dairy farm operations and their positive impact on the Iowa economy.


ISU Extension Communications and Dairy Specialists brainstormed the problem and possibilities, pooled resources and abilities, and created a new dairy display "just in time" for the August Farm and Field Fest, the popular Clay County Fair in September, and numerous "Ag in the Classroom-type" sessions planned for Iowa school kids in September.


The finished display, An Inside Look at a Modern Dairy Farm, and its attending written materials, presents an accurate description about the set-up, facilities, activities, and input-outputs at a typical modern dairy farm in Iowa. This display will help Iowans become aware of the strong emphasis placed on cow comfort and good animal husbandry, help them realize how technology is used to achieve and monitor cow health and production, and learn about the importance of local feed inputs as well as manure outputs for use as fertilizer on local crop grounds.


August 31, 2005
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