Grid Marketing Part II

January - March 2003

Carl Neifert , livestock field specialist
Joe Sellers , livestock field specialist

Creating cattle that are marketable on a specific grid continue to be a challenge for cattle producers. Cattle producers struggle to: 1. Gather data that is useful and understandable, 2. Benchmark their data to the market, 3. Determine strengths and weaknesses of their cattle, 4. Find a best marketing option, and 5. Develop a plan of action for improvement.

In 2003, we held a follow-up to the grid marketing meetings of 2002. Emphasis this year was on management strategies to assist producers in designing cattle for grid markets. Part of that was using a demonstration project at the Dallas county farm with the Des Moines Area Community College (DMACC)-managed cow herd. We showed the progression over the last three years—changes in implant, feeding and management strategies. We also demonstrated a new computer projection model, using scan data to project marketing outcomes 90 days in advance. This model also showed that marbling potential is determined at an early age (i.e. 4-8 months of age). We also included new implant strategies and a summary of grid marketing using the boxed beef and weighted averages.

Two meetings were held in Adel and Grinnell with a total of 26 attendants. This was down from last year; however, participation in the 2003 meetings was excellent and evaluations were very good.

– 61% said they learned 1-2 concepts;
– 62% indicated that the program benefited their operation with an average benefit of $530 per operation.
– 57% of producers plan to implement a change in their operation as a result of the meeting (most likely being a change in implant strategy).
– The producers rated the meeting very useful and its overall quality as very good, with all segments of the presentation were rated as very good

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