Building Ventilation Systems Training for Pork Producers

Tom Miller, Swine Field Specialist, Southeast


As pigs have moved inside to totally confined systems and more non-traditional producers have entered the arena of pork production the need for ventilation educational opportunities has become evident.


Workshops entitled "Managing Your Unseen Employee: The Ventilation System" were developed and presented around the state. Jay Harmon, ISUE, along with constituents from the University of Nebraska, University of South Dakota, and University of Minnesota built a portable, display-type trailer which allows hands-on use by producers to use ventilation principles learned while attending a six-hour training session.


Sixteen producers/agribusiness personnel representing 2.67 million pigs finished/year attended a training held in Washington, Iowa. Comments on evaluations included requests for additional meetings perhaps going into a new facility (no pigs present) and working through how to set every component involved in ventilation up.

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