Commodity Group, Private Industry, and Extension Team Up to Produce Tools for Pork Producers Worldwide

Ken Stalder, Faculty, Animal Science


Pork producers need better tools to educate employees on how to evaluate the body condition and to evaluate reproductive as well as feet and leg soundness in their breeding herd females. In order to develop these tools significant funding is needed so that they are available to the masses.


The objective of these projects was to develop partnerships between Extension, private industry, popular press publications and commodity groups to develop the necessary tools and distribute them to producers and make additional copies available for future use.


A series of three posters were developed in 2005 in partnership with the National Pork Board, the National Hog Farmer Magazine, the National Swine Registry and Iowa State University Extension. Additionally, a Pocket Guide for the Evaluation of Structural, Feet, Leg, and Reproductive Soundness in Replacement Gilts was developed for producers use in the barns. This tool is made of slick backed material so that if it becomes soiled it is easily washed. The pocket guide also received separate industry sponsorship and is being distributed by the National Pork Board.

Similarly, in 2006 a poster concerning the evaluation of body condition scoring of sows was initiated. This poster was included as an insert to the very popular Blue Print series that National Hog Farmer producers annually. Again, this poster was sponsored by a pork industry business while the work was a result from a grant from the National Pork Board, the U.S. pork commodity group.


The series of three posters addressing feet and leg soundness and reproductive soundness were distributed to over 26,000 producers and industry supporters as inserts in the National Hog Farmer. In 2006, over 3800 additional sets of the three poster series were distributed to producers and allied industry. Additionally, over 4300 of the Pocket Guide for the Evaluation of Structural, Feet, Leg, and Reproductive Soundness in Replacement Gilts were distributed to U.S. pork producers in 2006.

These posters were translated into Japanese and distributed to over 5000 Japanese pork producers through its inclusion in a popular press magazine in that county. Furthermore, there is interest in translating these posters into at least 3 other languages.

September 2006

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