Northeast Area Swine Meeting Fills Producers Needs

Daniel J. Meyer, Ag Engineer Field Specialist, Northeast

Problem Statement:
It is difficult for swine producers in northeast Iowa need to stay current with swine facility and swine health technology.  It is important in making decisions for current and future management and future building designs and remodeling of older facilities.
Programmatic Response:
Extension put together an area all day swine conference at Oelwein on January 17.  Funds were obtained from the Iowa Pork Producers Association, the Iowa Pork Center and two exhibitors Alliant Energy and Pfizer Animal Health to help minimize the registration fee charged producers.
A total of 25 evaluations were received from the 42 attendees who had various stages of production.  The evaluations identified 23 of these people as pork producers or employees which is our target audience.  These 25 evaluations said they sold over 250,000 pigs per year.  Producers said they have production contracts on 65% of their pigs.  Overall 96 percent of them said the conference was good or excellent.  They said the most helpful topics were using records for management and building design, the manure rules update and reducing fuel costs tips.   They gave us good topics and suggested speakers for next years conference.  One of the largest finisher companies said it was the best conference weve had yet. 
April 6, 2006
108 - Iowa Pork Industry Center

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