Partnership on Educational Material for the U.S. Swine Producer

Anna K Johnson, Faculty, Animal Science


In todays U.S. swine industry, finding one location to receive the latest information on topical information (i.e. welfare, environment, antibiotics etc.,) and to have questions received and answered in a timely manner is critical. The creation of the Pork Information Gateway or PIG is an innovative way for information to be collated and distributed in a timely manner. In addition it is a cost effective deliverable for individuals. PIG can be located at One tool available is the Pig Facts link, this is where a variety of domains are available to the producer. Here fact sheets are written and posted.


The objective was to develop educational fact sheets that would help producers do a better job of (1) handling and moving the finisher pig at the time of market and (2) to identify aspects of the facility that can help with the load out of finisher pigs. Additionally, we set out to partner with Premium Standard Farms (PSF).


Two fact sheets were developed. The first fact sheet titled handling and load out of the finisher pig describes the basic pig biology in regards to its flight zone, spacing behavior and following instincts. It elaborates on direct costs to the U.S. industry from loss in performance, meat and personnel related issues when pigs are handled incorrectly. In addition the paper elaborates on the handling and loading process from the pigs perspective, the relationship between the caretaker and the pig, the impact of selection and use of handling devices and what factors to look for and assess on the farm to help ensure quality movement and handling of finisher pigs. The second fact sheet titled Marketing the finisher pig: The impact of facility design discusses alleyway, loadout and chute design i.e. the flooring type and texture, angle and length.


The partnership (National Pork Board, National Pork Producers Council. CSRESS, USDA-ARS, and several Land Grant Universities including Iowa State, Michigan State and Purdue University to identify a few) will ensure that the information posted onto the Web Page is broadly utilized and distributed to all audiences and cliental.

September 2006

108 Iowa Pork Industry Center

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