Advanced Reproductive Technology Seminar

David Stender, Swine Field Specialist, Northwest 

New reproductive technologies are increasingly available and require an ever higher level of management to apply them correctly and cost efficiently.  A seminar was held in March, 2005.  Fifty-five producers attended in northwest Iowa.  Participants were asked to measure their improvement in knowledge and skills by filling out a post seminar survey and mailing back in.  A significant portion of swine production in Northwest Iowa was in attendance at this workshop. Follow-up surveys were obtained from 15 of these operations close to a year after the seminars took place.  The operators not only remember the topics covered but listed substantial changes in their operations as a result of the seminars.

The following are responses to actual talks given at last years conferences, the changes listed have been implemented during the past year:

     100% (n=15) have used general information from seminar to make more informed herd management decisions.
     4 operations (27%) have implemented Rob Knoxs reproductive management ideas to improve reproductive performance and that has changed the performance level of the sow herd.
     8 operations (53%) implemented a change in management in the reproductive area
     6 operations (40%) have changed the way I select gilts, now looking more at confirmation.
     8 operations (53%) have a better understanding of the cost of nonproductive day and importance of throughput.
     3 operations (20%) understand deep uterine AI more fully and have looked into applying that technology to my breeding herd.
     5 operations (33%) have decided to run a closed genetic herd through helpful information from John Mabry.
     9 operations (60%) have increased weaning age.
The following lists examples of actual changes made on operations during the last twelve months:

     I always pick up certain details to improve my operation from each seminar.
     Supported a lot of practices we were already doing.  Great job.
     Just little breeding detail tips every day.
     I picked up various things throughout the workshop.
     Much information is useful for future decisions.  Real-time Nutrition & gilt evaluation.
     Re-valuated AI technique timing of estrus.
     I increased my weaning age by 3 days and improved my breed-backs substantially.
14 operations (93%) estimated value of the program to their operation:
        0   $10 to $50            4   $500 - $1000
        2   $50 - $250            3   $1000 - $2000
        2   $250 - $500          3   $2000 - $5000

As you can see from the previous table 10 out of 14 valued the workshop at over $500.

April 6, 2006
108 - Iowa Pork Industry Center

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