Swine Technology Seminar 

David Stender, Field Specialist/Swine, Cherokee, IA.  

Properly applying technology is the driver for productivity and cost efficiency in modern pork production.  New technologies are increasingly available and require an ever-higher level of management to apply them correctly and cost efficiently.  In the winter of 2004, seminars were aimed at producers looking to improve the competitive position of their herds.  Seventy producers attended a seminar in northwest Iowa.  Participants were asked to measure their improvement in knowledge and skills by filling out a post seminar survey.   A significant portion of swine production in northwest Iowa was in attendance at this workshop. 

Follow-up surveys were obtained from 14 of these operations close to a year after the seminars took place.  The operators not only remember the topics covered but listed substantial changes in their operations as a result of the seminars.
The following are examples of actual changes made on operations during the last twelve months: “Use of Matrix on gilts,” “Use of Matrix,” “I used the boar stick idea out of a 99 cent floor mop and a fresh can of boar aerosol.  I use this everyday and keep it fresh by storing in plastic bag.” “The special handling and observation of returned opens.” “Various A.I. techniques.” “Reinforced my hand watering of lactating sows as I feed them.” “Strategy to deal with PRRS.”  “I continue to wean pigs at 25 to 28 days to fit my schedule.”  “Mainly the basic things that so many times get overlooked because of the workload in a farrowing operation. Made me aware of things, I pay more attention.” “PRRS.” “We have implemented a batch farrowing system that improves pig flow into the nursery.”  “Supported changes in feeding and water in farrowing rooms.”

The following are responses to actual talks given at last year’s conferences; the changes listed have been implemented during the past year:


March 8, 2005
108 -- Iowa Pork Industry Center

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