Sow Longevity Spreadsheet Helping Pork Producers World Wide

Ken Stalder, Faculty, Animal Science


Pork producers around the world are recognizing that many sows leave the breeding herd prematurely. This results in high replacement rates and associated costs.


The objective was to develop a useful spreadsheet that would help producers determine how long a breeding herd female needed to remain in the herd to reach profitability. Once the tool was developed, the goal was to distribute the tool to producers for their use.


Four spreadsheets have been developed. Customized farrow-to-finish and breed-to-wean spreadsheets in English and Metric units of measure have been developed. These tools allow pork producers to enter operation specific financial and production information to accurately determine how long a breeding herd female needs to remain in the herd to be profitable.


To date the software has been widely distributed throughout the U.S. and the world. Users from 15 U.S. states and 33 different countries worldwide have one or more of the four different versions made available to them. The users of the software said they control or have influence on over 25 million sows in production. This tool is helping these producers make better production and business decisions regarding the replacement rate and the number of parities or length of herd life that is required for a sow to be a profitable investment.


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