Clinton County Pork Producer Banquet

Larry McMullen, Swine Field Specialist SE


Many county pork producer boards are eliminating their annual pork banquet due to lack of producers involved on the county pork board or due to funding and arrangements for developing a pork banquet. Clinton County pork board has always held a pork banquet in February or March. However, the 2005 banquet was special because the Clinton County Pork Producers were celebrating their 50th Anniversary (1955 - 2005). They were in need of a speaker for the banquet that would fit into their budget.


Therefore, I was contacted by a board member to be their speaker for the Clinton County Pork Banquet to be held on March 5, 2005. Because it was their 50th anniversary a theme about 50 years of pork production was desired. Consequently, I developed a power point presentation entitled "Celebrating 50 Years of Pork Production Progress - Clinton County 1955 - 2005". The program featured pictures, facts, and data contrasting pork production over the past 50 years. Topics covered were facts about pigs, health issues, genetics, pork quality, nutrition / diets, equipment and buildings, and swine census data of Clinton County. A 45 minute presentation was made.


Response to the 50th anniversary banquet was terrific. Total attendance for the banquet was approximately 125 people representing not only pork producers but agri-business, youth and media. The attendance was a 40/50% increase in attendance over the past years. Due to the presentation, many people commented to me after the banquet how they appreciated the discussion of the changes made in the swine industry over the past 50 years. Many participants were amazed with the census data of pork production in Clinton County, especially, the fact that the number of hogs farms decreased from 2227 in 1954 to 126 in 2002 and that the number of head sold per farm increased from 110 in 1954 to 1223 in 2002. One older banquet participant commented "Raising hogs is not like it used to be".


August 3, 2005
POW Number: 108 - Iowa Pork Industry Center, 2nd (Jan - March)

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