Advanced Ventilation Training

Jay Harmon, Faculty, Ag & Biosystems Engineering


A first round of ventilation workshops has been conducted for swine producers to help better understand the principles of ventilation. It was well received and had a large impact. The educational foundation was laid but there were questions above the level of the first workshops.


Develop an advanced educational workshop on ventilation and train participants to analyze a wider array of problems.


A daylong workshop included review of the previous training sessions. Time was spent on more advanced concepts such as fan motor curves. Temperature loggers were sent to the participants before the workshops. Actual data was shown to the participants and analyzed by the group to determine possible problems. Group discussions were very productive.


The participants in the pilot program were persons working with swine producers that produce more than 1 million pigs per year. They rated every aspect as a 4 or 5 on a 5-point scale. Feedback was valuable in improving the workshops before it is delivered to other groups.


108 - Iowa Pork Industry Center

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