Reproductive Management Conference

David Stender, swine field specialist


Reproduction is the driver for productivity and cost efficiency in modern pork production. New technologies are increasingly available and require an ever higher level of management to apply them correctly and cost efficiently. Leaner genetics is one of the technologies that is more difficult to manage. These meat type females have higher death loss and reduced reproductive rates if not managed correctly. In Jan 2004, 55 producers looking to improve the reproductive performance of their breeding herds attended a seminar in NW IA. Participants were asked to measure their improvement in knowledge and skills by filling out a post seminar survey. Thirty participants filled out the survey, they have control over 133,800 finishing pigs (that is about 45 FTE @ 2/3 hr per pig) and 16.230 breeding stock (about 81 FTE). A significant portion of swine production in Northwest Iowa was in attendance at this workshop.

Twenty-one surveys were filled out, the results that participants reported are as follows:

A few examples of the most important ideas learned by producers from the seminar include:

The following are some examples of impact to operations referred to by producers, as they plan to apply ideas learned at the conference:

Eleven producers made the effort to estimate the economic impact of the meeting to their operations. Those 11 operations reported a benefit of $2,050 per operation financial impact from applying the information gained from this meeting.

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