Follow-up of December 2004 Advanced Reproductive Management Seminar

Mark Storlie, Swine Field Specialist, Northeast Area


The trend toward leaner, more muscular breeding stock has made management more challenging.  Disease, sow longevity and reproductive failure reduce productivity.  In January 2004, 43 producers looking to improve the reproductive performance of their breeding herds attended a seminar in Northeast Iowa.  Participants were asked to measure their improvement in knowledge and skills by filling out a post seminar survey.  Twenty four participants filled out the survey, they have control over 400,150 finishing pigs (approx. 135 FTE) and 25,575 breeding stock (approx. 127 FTE).  Over 80% of responses rated the overall program as a fair amount or quite a lot of benefit for their operation.  Of those responses which estimated the value of the information for their operation, the average estimated value was $2,935 per operation and four responses indicated a value of over $5,000.

Forty three surveys were mailed out 11 months after the program to measure the impact and monitor actual adoption or changes in management practices by participants that attended the Jan. 2004 seminar.
Eleven responses were returned.  The participants reported the following:

Producers were then asked to list specific management changes that they applied to their operation because of information learned from the seminar.  Producers were asked to estimate the value of the program to them and their operation. The following are actual responses. 
$750, $1,500, $1,500, $200, $1,500, $750, $1,500, $1,500 and $20,000
One survey noted:  Please continue sponsoring these breeding and reproduction seminars for the few farrow-to-finish producers left in Iowa

May 23, 2005
108 -- Iowa Pork Industry Center

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