Pork Producers Get Training on Ventilation Systems

Kapil Arora, Agricultural Engineering Field Specialist, Central Iowa


Confinement operators generally are not trained on ventilation principles and need better understanding of ventilation systems for operating these buildings.


Four workshops titled, “Managing Your Unseen Employee: The Ventilation System” were delivered in the central extension area in 2004 and 2005. These workshops have been developed in collaboration with four state universities: Iowa State University, South Dakota State University, University of Nebraska, and University of Minnesota. Two of four workshops delivered in central area were for employee groups for two swine production companies. A total of 58 participants attended these workshops with the majority from the two companies.


Those attending worked with or managed approximately 6.5 million grow-finish pigs and 260,000 sows on an annual basis. Benefit gained from the workshop was reported as some to quite a lot. The average operational value gained from the meeting was over $2,700 per person.


August 29, 2005
108 -- Iowa Pork Industry Center

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