Group Tracker Record-Keeping System

Mark Storlie, swine field specialist

Producers continue to struggle with keeping accurate financial and production records in their swine businesses. Many bankers would like to see more actual production figures than what producers are showing them. Most swine producers tend to be very production and task oriented but fail to have a good handle on how their business is performing financially and where improvements can be made.

The Group Tracker record-keeping system was developed and written by Mark Storlie, Iowa State University Extension swine field specialist in northeast Iowa. The program is designed for group-by-group close-out data, which better fits most swine production flow than other available systems. The Iowa Pork Industry Center (IPIC) has marketed the program and documentation to producers in Iowa and nationwide. Cost of the program is $30 for Iowa producers if they share data back with IPIC, and $100 if they choose not to share data.
Group Tracker is marketed at each swine meeting in this area, always trying to make producers aware of a good, easy to use swine grow-finish program which can increase their net profit and provide their lender with economic data.


Twelve producers have signed up to participate in Group Tracker over the last year. ISUE field specialists have consulted with most participants to properly set up their diets and building sites, allowing them to feel more comfortable in using the program. This past December a meeting was held with Mark Storlie in attendance to allow producers to ask questions and better understand alternative ways to input data into the program. Producer feedback has been very positive.

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