Paylean® Meetings

January-March 2002

David Stender , swine specialist


Technology in the swine industry is rapidly advancing. Producers are pressured to keep up with the advances in technology. In Winter 2001, a series of meetings were held for 33 producers looking to improve their skill in using Paylean®. As any new technology is introduced, there are problems and issues as well as cost that needs to be addressed. This series of meetings were designed to address production issues related to Paylean® and lead participants in a discussion.

Participants were asked to measure the benefit of the program. Twenty-six out of the 33 participants filled out a survey. They did a self-test rating their knowledge before versus after the meeting on a five-point scale:
Knowledge about label issues, how Paylean® works, how to modify rations to maximize performance increased from a 2.65 to 4.22 on a 5 point scale where 1 is low and 5 is high level of knowledge.
Knowledge rate about pig handling issues related to Paylean® before the meeting was fairly high at 3.04, but increased to 4.17 because of the information presented at the meeting.
Cost and implementation of Paylean® is important to pork producers. Their knowledge in this area increased from 2.61 to 4.13 because of information presented in the program.

When we asked producers about the impact of this program in terms of the eventual use of the information. Ninety –six percent said they are or will likely be using the product to benefit their operations. Fifty-six percent will likely start using the technology because of the meeting.

Producers were then asked to estimate the increase in income to their operation when they apply the knowledge gained from this meeting. Eleven operations made the effort to estimate the value of implementing the information from the meeting. They estimated an annual benefit of $4,168. If a similar benefit was true for the other operations attending the meeting, the total impact would be well over $100,000 per year for the participants. Verbally, at the end of the meeting and on the survey we frequently received the comment, ‘good program.

The following are some examples of impact to operations referred to by producers, as they applied from the ideas learned at the conference:
Paylean usage suggestions.
How Paylean® works.
Strategies for when to use Paylean®.
Paylean® has a place but requires a lot of management.
Cost analysis of Paylean® use.
Cost of feeding Paylean®.
Paylean® is a cost effective management tool.
Feed Paylean® at lower level.


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