Pork Technology Seminar

October - December 2002

David Stender , swine field specialist


Technology in the swine industry is rapidly advancing. Producers are pressured to keep up with the advances in technology.


In February 2002, a seminar was held for producers who wanted to improve their skill and understand various new swine technologies. Producers were able to learn important ideas during the seminar that includd: new recommendations on Paylean®, pig number per pen, new technologies in finishing, group tracker systems, risk management, wean to finish informtion and nursery waterers and feed formulation.


The seminar attracted 75 producers looking to increase their competitive position. Participants were asked to measure their improvement in knowledge and skills by filling out a post seminar survey. When asked to describe the program, 10% reported superior, 80% said Excellent, the rest said it was good. Everyone thought is was an above average program.

The following are some examples of impact to operations referred to by producers, as they plan to apply ideas learned at the conference:
- 72% reported that they will change the feeder and drinker design over time in their facilities as result of this conference.
- 62% will change their management of Paylean®
- 79% adjusted their feed additives and nutrition
- 90% used the marketing information in their marketing plans
- 56% plan to change their record keeping to improve their finishing management
- 80% will use the regulatory information to plan for and implement new environmental standards.

Sixteen producers made the effort to estimate the economic impact of the meeting to their operations. Those 16 operations reported an average benefit of $3,428.13 totaling $54,840 financial impact for those 16 operations that took time to report economic value.


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