Manure Management: One-on-One

July-September 2002

Terry Steinhart , swine field specialist


There is a growing number of regulations swine producers must know to stay and expand in the swine industry. Large producers must have annual certification to apply manure from confinement buildings, send manure nutrient application plans to Department of Natural Resources(DNR) , obtain construction permits and follow numerous other regulations. Producers want to know how these regulations affect them and what they need to do in order to comply with state and national laws.


Meetings are held throughout the state to address these issues. Many times because of the complexity and individual producer circumstances, it is difficult to answer these questions in a group setting. Iowa State University Extension responds to individual questions by email, telephone, face-to-face and letters.


Help with six manure nutrient plans have been submitted to the state DNR. Thirty-two producers have had questions answered by phone on regulations for manure nutrient plans. Email responses have been sent to ten producers for manure nutrient management and eight face-to-face recommendations have been made.


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