Pork Ration Review

April- June 2002

Tom Miller , swine field specialist


A producer called with question about feed ration. He felt his feed/contracting company was expecting him to add too much protein to feed rations for the benefit he saw on the kill sheets. The company was supplying pigs and feed under contract with him owning the pigs and having them contracted for resale to the company at the time of reaching finishing weight. The producer's wanted to know why even though he had high lean pigs, how much he could cut back soybean meal amount in feed rations.


Using MCS 5 computer program developed by ISU, it was determined for producers facilities and kill sheets that he was overfeeding soybean meal by a rather large margin in each of the five diets he fed to a group of pigs. On a sample group of 100 head of pigs it was determined that cost savings on feed could save producer $1502 per 100 pigs on summer rations and $1160 per 100 pigs on winter rations.


Producer markets around 2,000 head per year so cost reduction was about $25,000 per year.
There should be no performance difference in pigs fed the proper rations.


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